Tax Debt Services

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Tax Debt Services


On average from start to completion, an Offer in Compromise takes 8-10 months before a settlement is reached. The IRS can take up to 3 months to review submitted documents. It is important to note the IRS will not take collection actions while you are in the process of a settlement. Below is the step-by-step process we take.

5 Step Process

(15-30 min)

  • Learn of your tax situation
  • Financial and expenses overview
  • Attorney review
  • Guidance

(1-2 weeks)

  • Attorney makes initial call to IRS
  • Order wage transcripts and other tax debt info
  • Compliance check

Protection for Collections
(2-3 weeks)

  • Obtain hold for collection actions
  • Negotiate finances
  • Remove wage garnishment
  • Remove Bank Levy

Financial Analysis
(3-4 weeks)

  • Review assets
  • Determine IRS applicable disposable income
  • Review tax transcripts
  • Determine resolution

(3-10 months)

  • Document collection
  • Prepare, Apply, and negotiate a resolution that matches your financial situation